San Bernardino: Multiple Witnesses Say Shooters Were 3 White Males. Was Farook Executed?

The image released by TMZ of Sayed Farook lying lifeless in the street with his hands cuffed behind his back begs an important question.  Just when did these handcuffs go on?  If it was after the first wave of police arrived upon the recent shooting scene, then police must have handcuffed a dead body.  If it was before, then Farook was executed.

For assistance in determining the answer to this question, we fortunately have quite good helicopter footage from various news stations.  ABC 7 Live HD followed this part of the action closest, gives intriguing clues.

The sequence of the shootout which we can see from video sources was roughly as follows.  Helicopter footage at first shows a puzzling roundabout of chase routes going past and around the facility where shooting took place, with some cars taking a left at one point while others speed straight ahead.  This already raises a question.  Why would the suspects, who reportedly bolted from a house some miles away, head back into the part of town guaranteed to be swarming and roadblocked with cops?

Finally at the end of the apparent chase the news copter camera rests on a black SUV already stopped, and shot to hell, with its driver’s side doors open and a body laying across the street from it.  This is the body of Farook shown in the TMZ photo.  In that photo his hands are cuffed behind his back, as he lays face down in the street.  We do not see how the SUV got there or it rolling to a stop.  The viewer comes to the scene only after the purported shootout.

Police approach neither the body nor the shot-up car, which reporters tell the viewer still has a suspect inside, probably not in very good shape, while they wait for three Bearcat armored vehicles to arrive, apparently in order to approach the body in the street and the SUV cautiously in case either or both are rigged with bombs.  But the news copter footage shows something interesting.  The police taking cover by the Bearcat nearest the body in the street expose themselves fully to the possibly booby-trapped body, standing on the right side of the Bearcat, with nothing between the body and them.

Their attention is completely focused on the SUV, and they place the Bearcat between it and them.

Below – Scene at 7:37 in ABC 7 news copter footage


This is the first close up contact between law enforcement and Farook’s body since the chase is ended and we see the stopped, shot-up black SUV.   Why do police not approach Farook’s body with the same concern, behind an armored vehicle, as they do the SUV?  Is a body possibly so dangerous that it needs to be handcuffed after a kick or two, but not so dangerous upon the initial approach, when nothing is known and not even a pulse has been taken?

Why are the officers not cowering behind the Bearcat as they approach Farook’s body?  Could it be that Farook is so clearly not a threat that they don’t bother?

And if he is so clearly not a threat, why bother to handcuff him, but not his wife as she lays in the street, after her body is dragged out of the SUV?

Or, are the officers not concerned, as they stand near Farook, for another reason?  Are they not concerned because they see Farook is dead as a doornail, and on top of that, already handcuffed?


Below- TMZ photo of Farook’s body, handcuffed (source)



Witness Says He Saw Black SUV Pull Away Slowly as Shooting Started

US News:

“A witness says he saw a black SUV pull slowly away from a Southern California social services center where gunmen opened fire as people ran frantically from the building.

Glenn Willwerth says he locked up his paper business across the street and went outside with a gun. He heard 10 to 15 shots and saw an SUV with blacked-out windows drive away.”

 Police: “Definitely Three”

MSNBC’s Inside Edition featured police audio in which police can be heard saying:

“We have two witnesses that watched the whole thing start, they said there is three shooters with rifles without a doubt, they said definitely three.”

Below – Inside Edition, “Definitely three shooters with rifles without a doubt, they said definitely three.”

Father Denies Making Statements to Italian Newspaper About Son’s Ideology

LA Times:

“Farook’s father told the Italian newspaper La Stampa that his son agreed with the ideology of Islamic State leaders and was “obsessed” with Israel.

But a local activist, speaking alongside one of the family’s attorneys, later backtracked and said the elder Farook did not recall the comments he made to the publication.

Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the L.A. area, said the father, like the rest of the family, is “dealing with a lot of stress.”

“He’s on medication,” he said. “He doesn’t recall saying that.””

Author: Publius

Publius is a political writer residing in the United States. He writes for major online journals and news-opinion sites.

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