San Bernardino: Multiple Witnesses Say Shooters Were 3 White Males. Was Farook Executed?

The image released by TMZ of Sayed Farook lying lifeless in the street with his hands cuffed behind his back begs an important question.  Just when did these handcuffs go on?  If it was after the first wave of police arrived upon the recent shooting scene, then police must have handcuffed a dead body.  If it was before, then Farook was executed.

For assistance in determining the answer to this question, we fortunately have quite good helicopter footage from various news stations.  ABC 7 Live HD followed this part of the action closest, gives intriguing clues.

The sequence of the shootout which we can see from video sources was roughly as follows.  Helicopter footage at first shows a puzzling roundabout of chase routes going past and around the facility where shooting took place, with some cars taking a left at one point while others speed straight ahead.  This already raises a question.  Why would the suspects, who reportedly bolted from a house some miles away, head back into the part of town guaranteed to be swarming and roadblocked with cops?

Finally at the end of the apparent chase the news copter camera rests on a black SUV already stopped, and shot to hell, with its driver’s side doors open and a body laying across the street from it.  This is the body of Farook shown in the TMZ photo.  In that photo his hands are cuffed behind his back, as he lays face down in the street.  We do not see how the SUV got there or it rolling to a stop.  The viewer comes to the scene only after the purported shootout.

Police approach neither the body nor the shot-up car, which reporters tell the viewer still has a suspect inside, probably not in very good shape, while they wait for three Bearcat armored vehicles to arrive, apparently in order to approach the body in the street and the SUV cautiously in case either or both are rigged with bombs.  But the news copter footage shows something interesting.  The police taking cover by the Bearcat nearest the body in the street expose themselves fully to the possibly booby-trapped body, standing on the right side of the Bearcat, with nothing between the body and them.

Their attention is completely focused on the SUV, and they place the Bearcat between it and them.

Below – Scene at 7:37 in ABC 7 news copter footage


This is the first close up contact between law enforcement and Farook’s body since the chase is ended and we see the stopped, shot-up black SUV.   Why do police not approach Farook’s body with the same concern, behind an armored vehicle, as they do the SUV?  Is a body possibly so dangerous that it needs to be handcuffed after a kick or two, but not so dangerous upon the initial approach, when nothing is known and not even a pulse has been taken?

Why are the officers not cowering behind the Bearcat as they approach Farook’s body?  Could it be that Farook is so clearly not a threat that they don’t bother?

And if he is so clearly not a threat, why bother to handcuff him, but not his wife as she lays in the street, after her body is dragged out of the SUV?

Or, are the officers not concerned, as they stand near Farook, for another reason?  Are they not concerned because they see Farook is dead as a doornail, and on top of that, already handcuffed?


Below- TMZ photo of Farook’s body, handcuffed (source)



Witness Says He Saw Black SUV Pull Away Slowly as Shooting Started

US News:

“A witness says he saw a black SUV pull slowly away from a Southern California social services center where gunmen opened fire as people ran frantically from the building.

Glenn Willwerth says he locked up his paper business across the street and went outside with a gun. He heard 10 to 15 shots and saw an SUV with blacked-out windows drive away.”

 Police: “Definitely Three”

MSNBC’s Inside Edition featured police audio in which police can be heard saying:

“We have two witnesses that watched the whole thing start, they said there is three shooters with rifles without a doubt, they said definitely three.”

Below – Inside Edition, “Definitely three shooters with rifles without a doubt, they said definitely three.”

Father Denies Making Statements to Italian Newspaper About Son’s Ideology

LA Times:

“Farook’s father told the Italian newspaper La Stampa that his son agreed with the ideology of Islamic State leaders and was “obsessed” with Israel.

But a local activist, speaking alongside one of the family’s attorneys, later backtracked and said the elder Farook did not recall the comments he made to the publication.

Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the L.A. area, said the father, like the rest of the family, is “dealing with a lot of stress.”

“He’s on medication,” he said. “He doesn’t recall saying that.””

Lawyer: San Bernardino Suspects Found Handcuffed, Face-Down, in Back of SUV. Photo of Farook Handcuffed

One of the attorneys for the San Bernardino shooting suspects has said that, from the information he has gathered, the couple was found handcuffed “face-down” in the back of a black SUV after police allege they had died in a shootout.   Helicopter news footage shows clearly the body of one of the shooting suspects in San Bernardino being dragged, apparently lifeless, from the driver’s side backseat of an SUV.  A news reporter narrates the scene saying: “I’m very clear they just pulled the suspect out of the vehicle…the suspect out of the back seat of the car…”

Apparently taken aback by what the attorney, David Chesley, is saying, CNN reporter Chris Cuomo presses for clarity, asking:

“Are you saying that you’re not sure if they did this?”

Chesley responds:

“I’m just telling you straight up it just doesn’t make sense.”

On December 4th, a photo surfaced, on, of San Bernardino suspect Sayed Farook laying in a large pool of blood, including beneath his head, in the street with his hands cuffed behind his back.  His wife is shown, in a different photo, apparently dead in the street but not handcuffed.

Below – Farook dead, handcuffed (source).


The Washington Post immediately took Chelsey to task in an op-ed entitled “False flags, true believers and trolls: Understanding conspiracy theories after tragedies.”  The post criticized Chelsey for invoking Sandy Hook in an interview with the UK Daily Mail when he said: “There’s a lot of people that said it happened but hasn’t happened in the way that it was purported to have taken place.”

Of San Bernardino, Chesley told CNN:

“There’s a lot of disconnects and a lot of unknowns that frankly don’t add up or seem implausible.”

Chesley said the wife “was never involved in shooting” and that the woman weighed all of 90 lbs.  Chelsey noted that he believed the couple lacked the “military skills” to pull off the mass shooting, in which 14 people were killed and 21 injured in under four minutes.  The attackers wore masks and initial reports were that police were looking for “three white males dressed in military gear.”

Of the reported shootout, the Detroit News wrote:

“The 28-year-old health department worker was shot dead Wednesday night in a shootout with police, hours after he and his radicalized Muslim wife opened fire at an office party, killing 14 people.”


The photo and allegations surface as critics of the official government narrative voice suspicion at the fact that, once again, a major mass casualty event has been accompanied by a large-scale exercise by multi-agency law enforcement echoing the actual scenario, at the same time .   In all of five of the last largest, most sensational mass casualty events, this has been the case.

The LA Times reported on December 2:

“At first, Dorothy Vong assumed it was a drill — just like all the others at her work.At the Inland Regional Center, where she’s a nurse, the staff works with clients and parents of clients who are sometimes angry. They have active-shooter drills every month or so.“Drill started,” she texted her husband, Mark, around 11 a.m.  She walked to a window nearby and filmed a video as law enforcement sprinted toward the building.“Oh, that is scary,” a voice says calmly in the background.“They’re all geared up!” someone else says. “Rifles and everything!”In the background, someone laughs — they still didn’t know.Then the reality set in.She texted her husband again: “Well it’s real.””

A small number of commenters on the Internet have speculated that it may be police procedure to handcuff even clearly dead bodies.  However, Farook’s wife’s body can be seen not handcuffed in a leaked photo.

Below- Tashfeen Malik (Source)



San Bernardino and False Flag Attacks

Skeptics of the official narratives of recent mass casualty events contend that parallel drills taking place by law enforcement would allow communications equipment and unfamiliar law enforcement personnel to enter an area, and control various law enforcement functions easily at the site of the event, control evidence, access to the crime scene, and access to witnesses.

When combined with other contradictions and anomalies in the official government narrative, skeptics say, some of these events resonate uncannily with previously planned attempts by parts of the government to influence public policy by attacking US civilians.  One such planned attempt was Operation Northwoods, a US Joint Chiefs of Staff plan to kill American civilians in order to blame it on Cuba and justify an invasion of that island.  One of the goals of the Joint Chiefs was to “develop a communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities, and even in Washington DC.”

The declassified Northwoods memo noted that “Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”

Below – Page from official declassified Operation Northwoods memorandum.


An appalled President John F. Kennedy firmly rejected the plan when it was presented to him.  Kennedy then demoted the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, US Army General Lyman L. Lemnitzer.  Lemnitzer was later buried with full military honors at Arlingon National Cemetery, despite his part in hatching a plan which would have amounted to high treason.

Skeptics of the origins of recent mass casualty events point out that they seem to serve greater agendas, such as local, state, and federal efforts to narrow the Second Amendment, or to paint Muslims in a bad light, at a time when public support is necessary to continue US and NATO military involvement in the Middle East.  Some fear that, as in Operation Northwoods, rogue elements of the government may be behind the attacks.

Below – Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, prime conspirator for Operation Northwoods.









San Bernardino Makes it 100% of Time Drill Taking Place Before Attacks, Search for “White Males, Military Gear”

The San Bernardino shooting will make it 100% of the time in the last five major terrorist events that drills were taking place at the same time and the same place, or very close to, the carnage.  KTLA5 reported:

“A call of multiple shots fired first came in at 10:59 a.m. from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave. The Police Department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, “ready to roll” and responded rapidly, Lt. Richard Lawhead said.”

Incredibly, not only was a SWAT team suited up and “ready to roll,” but, according to the LA Times, the Inland Regional Center where the shooting took place is also the site of a monthly “active shooter” drill.

The LA Times reported on December 2, the day of the San Bernardino shooting:

“At first, Dorothy Vong assumed it was a drill — just like all the others at her work.At the Inland Regional Center, where she’s a nurse, the staff works with clients and parents of clients who are sometimes angry. They have active-shooter drills every month or so.“Drill started,” she texted her husband, Mark, around 11 a.m.She walked to a window nearby and filmed a video as law enforcement sprinted toward the building.“Oh, that is scary,” a voice says calmly in the background.“They’re all geared up!” someone else says. “Rifles and everything!”In the background, someone laughs — they still didn’t know.Then the reality set in.She texted her husband again: “Well it’s real.””

A Fox News Los Angeles tweet said that day that police were “looking for 3 white males dressed in military gear.”


In the recent Paris attacks Bloomberg News reported:

“Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, from which 16 people died, Paris-area ambulance crews and emergency personnel have taken part in regular exercises designed to test their readiness for possible attacks. One such exercise was held on Friday morning, the day of the latest terror attacks. In a twist of fate, the simulated emergency was a mass shooting, according to Dr. Mathieu Raux, emergency room chief at the Pitié-Salpetrière hospital in Paris.”

A witness, Mahoud Admo, who was staying at the Salvation Army hostel across the street from one of the first attack sites told  the UK Mirror that at the cafe Le Belle Equipe:

“The shooter was aged about 35 and had an extremely muscular build, which you could tell from the size of his arms. He looked like a weightlifter.”

Mr. Admo said:

“The driver had opened his door shortly before the shooting began and stood up with his arm and a machine gun rested on the roof of the car. He stood there with his foot up in the door acting as a lookout.

“I would describe him as tall, with dark hair and also quite muscular.

“They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation. It was clear that they were both very heavily armed and the gunman was carrying several magazines on him.”

The UK Telegraph reports that:

“Belgian intelligence officials have suggested that up to 20 people may have been part of the terrorist cell that planned the attacks, meaning a total of six people could be on the run.”

Also of interest in the recent Paris attacks is the inexplicable failure by police dispatchers to pass down information regarding the identity of Salah Abdeslam, described as the attack’s “logistics coordinator,” to border patrols before Abdeslam could cross from France into Belgium eight hours later.  Reports indicate that Abdeslam’s name was called into headquarters, and it was discovered that he had crossed into Belgium just before the call.

Sandy Hook

After the Sandy Hook attack in 21013, it was reported in the Southeast-Brewster Patch:

“By grim coincidence, even as the terrible events were unfolding in Newtown on Friday morning, the Putnam County Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) happened to be assembled for regular training in Carmel, and team members were at that very moment engaged in a mock scenario of an active-shooter in a school. The ERT is comprised of specially trained and heavily armed officers from the Sheriff’s Office and the Carmel and Kent Police Departments.”

After Sandy Hook independent investigators unearthed police audio, never explained, of a purple van with two occupants, one possibly wearing a ski mask, and another possibly in a nun outfit, driving away from the shooting scene.

Below – Sandy Hook police audio, purple van, “nun outfit,” “ski mask”

Also after Sandy Hook, authorities never addressed or explained a puzzling news copter footage of men bolting from the school into the woods, with police apparently in pursuit.

Workers involved in the razing and demolition of Sandy Hook were required to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding them from talking about anything they saw during the work.

Boston Marathon

Before the bombs went off in the Boston Marathon, a college athletics coach interviewed by his local radio station said that a drill had been announced over the PA system, and that there were bomb-sniffing dogs working the starting line.  Alistair Stevenson told Alabama’s Press-Register:

“At the starting line this morning, they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squad out there…They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise.”

Stevenson said: “I’ve run a lot of races like this one, but I never saw bomb dogs at the starting line of any running event.”

Neither law enforcement authorities nor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s own defense team pointed out the inconvenient fact that the backpack which the younger brother is carrying is white, while the one shown by police in a photo of the one he allegedly planted is black.  After the Marathon bombing, online sleuths discovered photos of men in military-style clothes running at the scene, one who is shown first with, then without, a black backpack.  At his trial, authorities described both of the bomb backpacks as black.


And on 9/11, it is well-known that FEMA had been in place the night before, for a purported bio-terrorism drill with multiple agencies.

Skeptics of official narratives in recent mass casualty events contend that such drills would allow communications equipment and unfamiliar law enforcement personnel to enter an area and control various law enforcement functions easily at the site of a mass casualty event, as well as exert control over evidence, the crime scene, and access to witnesses.  A website called the Free Thought Project contends that footage is available of San Bernardino law enforcement authorities pushing reporters away from witnesses.

As the world puzzles out the background and motives of the San Bernardino shooter suspects, official story skeptics point out that it is well-documented that parts of the government have, in the past, funded and carried out mind-control experiments.   They also point out that government programs such as the CIA’s Project MK-Ultra are well documented, and show a long-time quest for the creation of brainwashed assassins.  In June of 2000 the Atlantic Monthly reported that the so-called “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski was in fact the product of MK-Ultra experimentation while he was at Harvard, and was the subject of “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive” attacks as part of the illegal experiments.

Below – Face page of US Senate report on Project MK-Ultra


Below- alleged screenshot of confrontation between reporters and police.